Alexis Sindle And Becky Girard: Dec-O-Art's Label Experts For The RV Industry

Sep 5, 2023
Becky Girard and Alexis Sindle_h

With their similar skillsets and their shared enthusiasm for helping others, Dec-O-Art’s Outside Sales Representatives Becky Girard (pictured above, left) and Alexis Sindle (pictured above, right) have embraced customer support and decision-making roles throughout their career.

Based in Elkhart, IN, Dec-O-Art combines printing innovation with a mastery of compliance standards. As label experts, they offer cost-effective, customized solutions for all their customers’ decal and branding needs.

“We both came from the hospitality industry, and we wanted to stay in a career where Becky Girardwe could help other people and focus on problem solving. That meant transitioning over to the Outside Sales role at Dec-O-Art was a very natural career move for both of us,” says Becky, who joined Dec-O-Art in 2021.

“Finding Dec-O-Art has just been great for us,” agrees Alexis, who started at the company the same year. “When we joined the company, we worked with accounts in a variety of industries and now both of our main focuses are on the RV side of the business. That’s been a huge part of becoming more involved in the industry and the community.”

Along with having similar career backgrounds, their lives have intersected on a personal level as well: “My husband and Alexis’s father were good friends quite a way back!” says Becky.

In addition, both women have held a lifelong fascination with the RV industry. Becky recalls spending a significant amount of time camping in her grandparents’ RV at 4H fairs. Likewise, Alexis has familial ties to the industry: “My father has actually been in the RV industry for over 15 years. That’s why I became interested in the RV industry to begin with.”

Alexis SindleNow, in their roles as Dec-O-Art’s Outside Sales Representatives, Alexis and Becky serve as their customers’ personal label experts. “We both started here with fresh perspective and an eye for detail, which is a huge asset in our current roles,” explained Becky. “We work toward achieving success for Dec-O-Art and for our clients. We’re available to assess the situation and help our customers come up with new ideas and create the right action plan for their unique needs. We’re fully committed to helping the customers choose the best products and find the solutions for them.”

Alexis Sindle“Every day we work very closely with our customers on new projects and making sure that they’re compliant with their label needs,” Becky added. “We are known as the compliance experts at Dec-O-Art, so people often lean on us to make sure they’re doing the right thing. People don’t think about labels being that important but, from a compliance and regulatory standpoint, if the label isn’t right or adhering properly, they may not be able to ship that unit out.”

“Making sure to get the labels correct the first time is huge for us,” Becky continued. “Alexis and I are problem solvers who help customers with new designs and decal upgrades. If there’s an issue with a branding decal, that takes away from a beautiful new unit. We really pride ourselves on our quality.”

When considering Dec-O-Art’s future, Alexis suggests that its past and present are good predictors of the company’s future: “For over 50 years, Dec-O-Art has been focused on service. That has been our number one priority. Our company plans on continuing its services and our high-quality work going forward. In addition, Dec-O-Art is looking to maintain a strong foothold in the RV industry while trying to diversify outside of it. Becky and I are excited to have a long career here— we plan to continue our relationships with our current customers and to be available for any new RV manufacturers.”

Becky GirardDec-O-Art is an active member of the RV Industry Association. Company president, Nathan Dosmann— the grandson of Dec-O-Art’s founder Charles Dosmann— currently serves on the Association’s Fire and Life Safety Committee. The Dec-O-Art team also attends and finds value in the Association’s Regulatory and Safety Compliance Seminar.

Likewise, Alexis and Becky frequently participate in wider industry events, including the RV Hall of Fame Supplier’s Show and the Florida RV SuperShow.

In addition, as members of the RV Women’s Alliance, both Becky and Alexis plan on attending the upcoming Educational Symposium for the first time this October. “Participating in all the different conferences and meetings helps us to make sure that we’re networking with all the other industry professionals,” said Becky. “We also gain a deeper understanding of any new industry needs or updates at these events, and we can keep our finger on the pulse of the industry.”