Australian Caravan And Camping Industry Is Booming

Sep 27, 2021

The caravan and camping industry is booming as businesses struggle to keep up with demand.

Overseas adventurers and grey nomads have been limited to varying options of domestic travel sparking increased interest in the camping and caravan market.

While some businesses are thriving, others are having issues with production and finding local suppliers.

It comes as thousands of camping enthusiasts have walked through the gates of the Sunshine Coast Camping and Caravan expo over the weekend.

Caravan HQ's Ethan Pole said the pandemic had moved its target demographic.

"It's shifted from your traditional grey nomads and retirees travelling Australia to your young families, dual-income earners with kids," he said.


While some businesses struggled with demand others forecasted the growth.

Hard Korr Campers national sales manager Tony Taylor said it didn't take long for the penny to drop.

"The first couple of months, everybody was sort of panicking and saying, 'I'm not spending money, I'm not doing anything,'" he said.

"It was about three to four months after, at the next show in Queensland, the numbers that we were selling at the show doubled and then we started worrying about how much stock we had on hand to actually deliver trailers in a timely fashion.

"We decided that we need to ramp up production and make sure that we've got enough stock.

Read the full article from the ABC Sunshine Coast here.

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