THOR Industries Appoints New Chief People And Inclusion Consultant

Aug 20, 2020

Thor Industries, Inc. recently announced that it has engaged Chandria Harris to serve as Thor's Chief People and Inclusion Consultant. In June, Thor reconfirmed its commitment to fostering a more inclusive work environment for all of its employees.

In her role, Ms. Harris will be responsible for overseeing the inclusion strategies for Thor Industries Corporate Office reporting directly to Bob Martin, President and CEO, and Ken Julian, SVP Administration and Human Resources.

The appointment of Ms. Harris is a testament to her broadly recognized ability to successfully train and develop professionals, specifically coaching and advising Senior C-Suite Leaders on developing and implementing strategies for an inclusive and diverse workplace. "Chandria's exceptional career has focused on creating a culture for people to be centered, valued, and appreciated for their contributions.  Her experience combined with her commitment and passion to develop people to perform at their best, while introducing strategies to drive greater inclusion at every level of an organization makes her uniquely suited for this opportunity," stated Mr. Martin.  

"It is my honor and privilege to have received such a distinguished appointment. I admire Thor's Executive Leadership Team's desire to foster a more inclusive work environment for all employees and future employees to come. At the core of inclusion is belonging. My goal is to ensure that the leadership team is equipped with the resources needed to enhance their strategies and best practices for inclusion," offered Ms. Harris.