Campgrounds In California To Open June 12

Jun 8, 2020

California park owners learned Friday (June 5) that they are going to be able to reopen as early as June 12, according to Dyana Kelley, CEO and president of CampCalNOW RV Park and Campground Alliance.

RVBusiness reports that the states governor’s office is set to post what it calls reopening guidance for private campgrounds and state park campgrounds later today, which according to Kelley means individual counties will have up to a week to make restrictions on how quickly campgrounds can reopen or just let them reopen.

“With this guidance in place county officials can’t say that park owners can’t reopen,” she noted to “It is our understanding that they may be able to delay reopening parks while they work out reopening details, such as requiring phased reopenings or capacity limits.

“I am confident that most counties will allow private parks to reopen since the state is on board,” Kelley continued. “State parks will also be opening without restrictions, so that should push most counties to open private parks.”

Mendocino and Ventura counties have been the strictest counties in the state, with parks in Mendocino county reporting heavy-handed police tactics. Ventura County has shutdown parks in the county completely, even to essential travelers.

Still, Kelley said she feels those counties will fall in line once the guidance goes live on the state’s website.

Photo credit: Lake California