Chinook Summit Returns Legendary RV Maker To Its Roots

Mar 19, 2021

It’s small but mighty.

It would be impossible to talk about the RV industry without mentioning Chinook. It debuted as Mair & Son, Inc. back in 1938, but the brand's most famous models are from the '90s and '00s. They're well known for their small footprint, single-piece fiberglass shell, and feature-packed floor plan with a rear entry. Examples that are 15+ years old can still fetch over $50,000 on the used market. 

Unfortunately, that version of the company didn't survive the 2008 financial crisis. From the ashes, however, rose a new Chinook with new owners who've been quietly building the brand back up with other offerings in the RV market like camping trailers. Now, Chinook is ready to compete again in the segment that made it famous. Meet the Summit.

The Summit, with its small form factor and rear entrance door, clearly draws inspiration from those famous Chinooks that came before it. Based on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis, its form factor allows users to set up shop in areas as small as a city street or as deserted as a creek by a mountainside. It’s not a fully fledged overlander, but that’s actually not so bad when you take a look inside.

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