Don’t Lose Your List 1 Exemptions: File Extension Requests Starting November 1

Oct 30, 2019

Various exemptions for List 1 products imported from China are set to expire on December 28, 2019. Items included in List 1 cover approximately $34 billion worth of products from China consisting items affecting the RV industry such as electronics and machinery used in production. These exemptions were granted last fall for 12 months.

On Monday, the United States Trade Representative (USTR) announced and published a draft Federal Register notice stating that it will open a process to consider extending current List 1 exclusions.

The process, which will only apply to those exclusions expiring on December 28, will open on November 1 and close on November 30. USTR will evaluate each requested extension on a case-by-case basis, with the focus being on whether, despite the first imposition of these additional duties, the particular product remains available only in China. Those submitting requests should ensure the following are addressed in their comments:

    • State whether the particular product and/or a comparable product is available from sources in the United States and/or in third countries.
    • State any changes in the global supply chain since July 2018 with respect to the particular product, or any other relevant industry developments.
    • State the efforts, if any, the importers or U.S. purchasers have undertaken since July 2018 to source the product from the United States or third countries.

Additional details for commenters will be provided later this week once announced in a Federal Register. Stay tuned!

Any RV Industry Association members who received List 1 exemptions last December, must file an extension request if they wish to keep their exemption past December 28, 2019. For more information, contact RV Industry Association’s Manager of Government and Political Affairs Samantha Rocci at