As the eight-week training session for the first Level 2 class at the Elkhart, Ind.-based RV Technical Institute comes to a close, television, print and radio media spent the day interviewing students and organization leaders on what the RV Technical Institute means for the Elkhart area and the RV industry as a whole.

Katlin Connin from WBST, the local CBS affiliate, interviewed RV Technical Institute student Ralph Decker, a retired RV owner who “figured he could complete the course and kill two birds with one stone - fix his own camper and get a job at a dealership.” What he didn’t realize though, was just how much he would learn during the 8-week course.

Connin also interviewed RV Technical Institute’s Senior Director of Education Sharonne Lee who shared how the Institute is an asset for the whole community by bringing opportunity for new skills training to the local community. View the full WBST video.

Samson Tamijani from Channel 57, Elkhart’s local ABC affiliate, also stopped by the Institute to interview Executive Director Curt Hemmeler about the graduating students. Hemmeler emphasized that the RV Technical Institute is creating more trained RV technicians, which allows RV consumers to get their RVs fixed quicker and get back to their outdoor lifestyles. He also praised the support the Institute has received from local RV companies that made the institute possible. View the full Channel 57 video.

Dani Messick from the Elkhart Truth also interviewed Hemmeler and Lee, who focused on how the new curriculum and training will go a long way in reducing the amount of time it takes to get an RV repaired, a metric referred to as the repair event cycle time. As well as what the career path looks like under the RV Technical Institute's certification program, the only RV industry-wide credential. View the full Elkhart Truth story (subscription required).


Students are finishing up the course and testing early next week. RV Technical Institute staff will then solicit feedback from the pilot class and evaluate the Level 2 training in preparation for scheduling the next Level 2 class. Level 1 classes, a one-week program that covers how to do pre-deliver inspection of an RV, are currently available. Sign up for a class here!