Emerging Leaders Coalition Lends Helping Hands In Restoration Of Potato Creek State Park

May 11, 2022

Potato Creek State Park is undergoing restoration projects to improve visitors’ experiences.

The RV Industry Association is taking on this massive project to give back to the community and preserve nature for future generations.

“We have all kinds of different trades. Whether it’s electricians, carpenters, salespeople, you name it, we have it. And what we do is build things,” said Mike Gaeddert, General Manager at Coachman Catalina Travel Trailers.

Four hundred volunteers from the RV Industry Association worked diligently in the hot sun at Potato Creek State Park to help make the park even more enjoyable for visitors.

“We have a lot of skill in this industry, whether it’s marketing, building, trades, different types of things that are all being put to use today,” said Michilah Grimes, Director of Corporate and Community Impact at Lippert.

Those skills were on full display as over 30 companies put their business competition on hold to come together and improve one of Michiana’s most delightful gems.

Grimes continued saying, “We’re better when we work together, so how can we build relationships and do something good for the community, and we thought what a great way to give back than to the parks because that’s where a lot of people use products throughout the RV industry.

They built a stage and 21 benches at the Nature Center to be utilized by students on field trips, a bridge to the fish cleaning station, and restoring the station. They touched up the paint on the signs, repaired the outside of numerous restrooms, did trail cleanup, and removed invasive species.

“I think it’s a credit to our industry for the kind of turnout we had at this event. Especially some of the notice was pretty short. A couple of companies didn’t realize until Friday, and they have 20-30+ volunteers out here that they took away from their business, so just a huge credit to the overall industry on the willingness to give back and jump in with both feet,” noted Gaeddert.

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