EV Makers Look To Boost Charging For Outdoor Rec

Jan 25, 2022

Pop-up fast-charging stations near remote outposts like hiking trails could give electric vehicle owners more confidence to take their EVs off the beaten path.

Why it matters: Pickups, SUVs — even RVs — are now going electric, encouraging families to take outdoor adventures. But if you already have range anxiety about road tripping in an EV, imagine being stranded in the middle of the woods with a drained battery.

What's happening: GM, Ford, Jeep and Rivian are touting the go-anywhere nature of their new electric and plug-in hybrid models.

  • This week, Winnebago unveiled an electric prototype RV with an 86-kWh battery pack that also runs interior appliances.
  • The camper van's driving range is only about 125 miles, though — not great for long road trips.

You can find charging stations at some national parks like Yellowstone and Yosemite — 140 EV plugs to date, says the National Park Service.

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