With travel restrictions loosening all around the country, where and how will vacationers get out and go when they get the chance again?

CBS News Travel Editor Peter Greenberg predicts that, at least during the first few months, many will get behind the wheel.

“We’re going to take a lot of road trips. Some one-tank trips where we can go just for the day and come back, not even do an overnight,” Greenberg said.

He expects demand for recreational vehicles, whether to buy or rent, to go through the roof.

“Families will want to travel together, and an RV gives them the opportunity to be in their own self-contained quarantine-mobile, if you will, to rediscover their own country.”

Greenberg envisions many families stocking up on groceries ahead of their RV trips so they don’t have to stop at any hotels or restaurants along the way. Families without RVs may just pack a tent in their cars.

“Camping is going to be big, whether at the national or state park level. A lot of state parks will be rediscovered because the national parks are going to be full. You can count on that,” Greenberg said.

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