The pandemic is changing the way we travel, but never more so than in the surge in popularity for RVs, or recreational vehicles. This is particularly true at the luxury level, where huge ‘land yachts’ are housing the super rich as they tour the country, instead of traveling overseas.

There are two main trends appearing:

  1. RVs are becoming the go to choice for all budgets, where the real luxury being sought is isolation from other people–people want to stay away from each other and not have to cross paths in hotel corridors or restaurants.
  2. There has been an upturn in luxury RV rentals–and sales–as holidaymakers replace luxury international holidays with luxury RV trips, and the trend is expected to continue, even after border restrictions end.

Industry professionals believe that resorts will spring up to cater to an increasing amount of RVs, where people can socially distance, with every facility they need, whilst conforming to new health protocols.

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