Forbes: What To Know When Planning An RV Trip And ‘Keeping Outdoor Spaces Pristine’

Jun 1, 2020

Summer is almost here and the open road is calling your name. RV travel is one of the safest ways to enjoy the great outdoors while still protecting yourself and your family from COVID-19. RVing allows you to go wherever you desire by land, on your own time, and to still practice social distancing. When it’s safe to get back on the road, you can see the sights you’ve been longing for during coronavirus quarantine, controlling your itinerary, schedule and adventure. 

“The allure of RV travel is as enticing as ever,” says Bob Martin, President, Chief Executive Officer & Director, at THOR Industries, Inc., one of the largest RV manufacturers. “RVs provide a safe, controlled environment and allow consumers to dictate their travel plans.” 

Rina Baraz Nehdar, an avid RVer and editor of L.A. Family Travel, says she can’t wait to get outdoors and travel with her family. “Clean air and nature have a lot of healing power. Kids running through rivers or the woods, building campfires and telling stories around them at night, enjoying hot cocoa, riding bikes along the driveways that connect the sites, scouting critters and going on nighttime flashlight hikes. These are not city dweller activities. This is a remedy for our rushed routines, a way to slow it down, breathe and take a break.” 

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