Fort Collins is temporarily letting residents use RVs as an option for social distancing during the coronavirus outbreak.

City Manager Darin Atteberry signed an order Wednesday allowing the change until further notice. Under the temporary city policy change, people are allowed to occupy recreational vehicles parked on private property, including home yards and driveways, or on a private street next to the vehicle-owner's home.

People are allowed to use the RVs for working, living or sleeping purposes to promote social distancing due to COVID-19.

To occupy an RV on private property, the occupant needs written permission from the property owner. RVs can be parked on private streets next to the vehicle-owner's residential units, as well as yards of residential lots, as long as the vehicle isn't obstructing pedestrian or vehicle traffic and isn't blocking view of an intersection or traffic control device.

Most neighborhood streets are not private unless they're owned by a homeowners association or apartment complex. The intent of the order is to give people permission to park RVs on their private property or someone else’s private property with the owner’s permission, neighborhood services manager Marcy Yoder said.

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