The first two weeks have proven successful for Go RVing’s second wave of the Go on a Real Vacation campaign. From the launch of “Wave 2” on August 24 through September 9, the campaign has generated more than 277 million impressions.

The ten second version of the broadcast spot has been viewed more than 4 million times on YouTube!

Consumers are seeing the ads. With its fast-paced and energetic tone, the ads are appealing to viewers of all ages. To those who may not have seen people who look like themselves in RV ads, they are noticing the diversity of people and activities in the new spots.

Here’s a comment from one viewer, ShaRon, who reached out to share her thoughts on the ad:

I am 73 years old and have been RVing for 16 years. Before that, my hubby and I rode a pair of GoldWing motorcycles. I wish we could have seen a commercial like this 30+ years ago when our children were much younger and so were we. I also love seeing the diversity in the commercial. As a Black RVer, it is very rare to see other RVers who look like us. Yes, we always see lots of "Runaway Ol' Folks" but not many black faces. But, knowing that there are 10,000,000+ RVing families and less than 5,000 Black RVing families explains the rarity of seeing ourselves on the road or in campgrounds. I am excited that more and more young people will be enjoying the great outdoors and spending more time with their friends and families. RVing is a great life and there is more than enough outdoors for us all to share. On the flipside, empty campsites will be soon become quite rare. Just plan your vacations 6, 12, or even 18 months ahead and you should be able to have the vacation that your family will remember for generations to come.

The Honeymoon InteRVention partnership with The Knot has also garnered attention with more than 7.9 million impressions. The Knot reports that contest entries on their website typically receive 7,000 total entries and so far, the contest with Go RVing has more than 5,000 entries with another three weeks left to go.

If you are interested in providing a motorhome for the contest winners, please contact Dana Delvecchio.