Go RVing Board Votes To Fund RV Technician Recruitment Through The RV Technical Institute

Nov 17, 2021

In accordance with the mission of Go RVing to support the RV consumer, the Go RVing Board of Directors voted last week to direct $2 of every seal assessment to offset expenses tied to recruiting more techs to support the growing RV market. These funds will be directed to the RV Technical Institute (RVTI) as they ramp up recruitment of new techs into the industry in 2022. Earlier in the week, both the RV Industry Association Board of Directors and the National RV Dealers Association Board of Directors endorsed the new funding.

“Since the inception of RVTI, the RV industry has made a multimillion-dollar investment into RV service technician training through the RV Technical Institute,” said RV Industry Association President & CEO Craig Kirby. “With the foundation of the RVTI program built over the past two years, the team is now turning its focus to recruiting new techs into the industry. With this new investment from Go RVing, the RVTI team will be able to deliver on its commitment to improve the consumer experience by training and recruiting more techs to service the millions of RVs on the road today and tomorrow.”

“The RV dealer community is fully invested in technician training and improving the service experience of every RVer,” said National RV Dealer’s Association President Phil Ingrassia. “The industry has seen incredible growth and it is more critical than ever to ensure there is an adequate number of trained RV service technicians to service our millions of new RV customers.”

In 2022, the RV Technical Institute will recruit at least 1,000 new RV technicians into the field from outside the RV industry. This will be done through a robust marketing campaign and partnerships with organizations outside the industry like high schools, trade schools, and government training programs. RVTI will also simplify the delivery model for technician training through a new training subscription that is easier and more cost effective for RV dealerships while also working with existing RV dealerships across the country to make sure there is at least one RVTI-trained technician at 750 dealership locations.

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