Go RVing Boundless Episode Two: Nomad On Wheels

Sep 13, 2021

This is the second year Go RVing has partnered with ROAM Media on an epic digital miniseries, Boundless, that highlights amazing outdoor experiences pursued by the growing adventure-seeking audience. The series places RVs as a critical element in the adventure and the perfect type of vehicle for this lifestyle.

The second episode follows Kina Pickett and his family as they hit the road in an Airstream to visit family and explore Vermont. Kina is on a mission to explore the nomadic family lifestyle that leads all the way back to his roots. His RV-focused classes help others decide on an RV, gather essentials, stay connected, and offer how-tos for setting up camp, navigation apps, planning, systems set up, and more.

"We’d been out in the RV for a while and my son turned to me and said, “Dad, when I talk about home, I’m talking about the RV," Kina said. "All those stories, all those places, all those memories you're imprinting on these kids that are so impressionable and that’s going to follow them around and it’s going to make them into something incredible."

Born and raised in Vermont, Kina started a production company called Helio. Following its success, he built a collaborative ideation workflow platform called ZPPR. His businesses have allowed him and his family to travel Vermont and visit family in their Airstream. 

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