Go RVing Works With ROAM Media To Release Second Series Of Boundless and ROAM Academy

Sep 1, 2021

This is the second year Go RVing has partnered with ROAM Media on an epic digital miniseries, Boundless, that highlights amazing outdoor experiences pursued by the growing adventure-seeking audience. The series places RVs as a critical element in the adventure and the perfect type of vehicle for this lifestyle.

With outdoor adventure as part of their company’s DNA, ROAM believes fostering community and social connection are core to creating the world’s #1 adventure club. ROAM connects icons, athletes, experts, and visual storytellers to create original programming and social content that encourages millions to want more inspiration, education, activation, and conversation.

Building on Go RVing’s success with ROAM and the Boundless series, the team partnered with ROAM to create some customized content via ROAM Academy for new RVers. The concept is “Masterclass meets Nat Geo.” Integrating the same storytelling and beautiful content featured in Boundless, Go RVing worked with ROAM Academy to add a layer of education to each story with a set of online classes on how to go RVing. Each class will consist of 5 to 12 lessons, downloadable materials, and links to the Go RVing site. All ROAM Academy content will also be featured on GoRVing.com as part of the first-timer’s tool kit.

There will be four Boundless stories in total and six sets of classes. The first episode featured Lentine Alexis, an endurance athlete and seasoned chef. Traveling in her Winnebago Revel, she heads to the Rocky Mountains on a weekend trip not far from her Colorado home. Her cooking 101 and 102 classes cover, essential cooking tools for your RV, gathering food at the local farmers market, picking wild veggies, stocking the RV kitchen, cooking food inspired by your adventures, multiple recipes, and fueling the adventure ahead. You can explore her 101 and 102 series here.

The second episode follows Kina Pickett and his family as they hit the road in an Airstream to visit family and explore Vermont. Kina is on a mission to explore the nomadic family lifestyle that leads all the way back to his roots. His RV-focused classes help others decide on an RV, gather essentials, stay connected, and offer how-tos for setting up camp, navigation apps, planning, systems set up, and more. His Boundless piece and ROAM Academy series 201 and 202 are available here

Episode three, which is currently in production, follows Melissa Fuller, a professional singer/songwriter who takes inspiration from the outdoor environment. An avid camper, hiker, and paddle-boarder, she writes these experiences into her songs. In a similar fashion to Lentine and Kina, she finds her inspiration on the road, in nature, and uses an RV to disconnect from distractions to create her craft. Her 301 and 302 classes will be about turning adventures into sharable stories. She will teach creative writing, tour the RV as a writer's retreat space, walk her audience through writing exercises and routines, and demonstrate how she takes her outdoor recreation adventures and turns them into songs. Melissa’s lessons will be about creative writing and engaging at your next campfire with storytelling through both writing and music.

The fourth and final episode of Boundless will be a recap of Lentine, Kina, and Melissa’s stories and RV adventures. Make sure to follow the series on GoRVing.com!