Go RVing Has Strong Media And Website Performance In September

Nov 8, 2022

More than two decades since the program first began, Go RVing continues to be a marketing and consumer awareness thought-leader, introducing millions of Americans to the freedom of RV travel and building a desire and passion of the adventures that await. Their reach has expanded to audiences across social and other digital marketing platforms, where they have been informing a steadily increasing number of consumers about the RV lifestyle, especially in recent months.

Similar to August 2022, Go RVing’s awareness-based key performance indicators in September have shown either a consistent performance or month-over month-improvement across all channels. These analytics demonstrate strong ad engagement and continued consumer interest in the RV category.

And you don’t need to have an RV to be a part of the trend— Go RVing found that audiences who are part of the “recruit” target category also continue to show strong performances, indicating that non-RV owners also have increased engagement with high-impact creative content.

The Go RVing website has also continued to show great success, with site traffic increasing by 35% month-over-month in both unique users and pageviews. The most visited sections of the website, after the homepage views, was the “get started” section that drives users to search for dealers, rentals, RV brands, RV shows, and other resources that help them begin their RV purchase journey. The second most-viewed section of the site was the inspiring RV trips other consumers have taken, as well as the “tips and inspiration” section of the website that provides resources for trip planning and how-to information.

Following these patterns, the retention campaign also continues to show consistent performance month-over-month indicators across social and digital channels, demonstrating that current RV owners are remaining engaged well into autumn. “Find A Dealer” and sign-up form programs continue to drive valuable leads with a 31% increase in dealer searches, 32% increase in leads signups, 31% increase in searches for rentals, and a 37% increase in searches for RV brands. 

Visit Go RVing’s website here.

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