Go RVing Team Continues To Reach Diverse Audiences

May 12, 2022

For more than two decades, Go RVing has been the leader in diversifying the RVing audience in an effort to grow and expand the overall market. While the major core target market of RV buyer are families, identifying new potential RVers and engaging with them through traditional and digital media as well as experiential events and social influencers, is key to sustaining the lifestyle cherished by millions of Americans.

Building strong influencer relationships is also key to authentically connecting with audiences. With this in mind, the Go RVing team recently sponsored several influencers on a trip to North Texas Jellystone Park. Some of these influencers, who are bilingual in Spanish, published content about their trip that reached audiences who are also bilingual or speak primarily Spanish. This is another avenue through which Go RVing aims to increase the diversity of potential RVers and connect with its range of audiences. Check out what influencers Brenda Cisneros and Rory Lassanske had to say below about their visit to Jellystone and the benefits of staying in a Park Model RV during their trip.

Mejorando mi hogar (Brenda Cisneros)
Brenda Cisnero highlighted her and her family’s trip to North Texas Jellystone Park, where they enjoyed the various outdoor activities that the resort had to offer, which range from crafts to paintball to games. She also highlighted the Park Model RV that she stayed in during her visit.

Mamá Contemporánea (Rory Lassanske)
Rory Lassanske shared her trip with her followers, where she enjoyed glamping with her family and taking part in the park’s wealth of activities. Rory also emphasized that visitors would be able to stay at the park in their RVs during their visit.

Research from KOA shows that Hispanic campers has grown from 1.9 million Hispanic camping households in 2014 to 6.3 million Hispanic camping households in 2020. By working with influencer like Brenda and Rory, Go RVing is able to authentically reach an audience that has shown a growing desire to camp and RV.

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