Governor Holcomb Shares Five-Phase Plan To Reopen Indiana

May 4, 2020

As states develop plans to reopen their economies, a common practice featuring a multi-step rollout, is being implemented. In an announcement last Friday, Indiana Governor Holcomb shared his own five-phase plan, which starts today and has a goal of having the state “back on track” by July 4. Indiana, widely known in the industry as the RV Capital of the World, manufactures more than 80% of RVs in the US.

While the plan is subject to change as the state continues to assess the status of COVID-19, here’s what we know:

Phase 1 (in place since mid-March)

  • Essential manufacturing, construction, infrastructure, government, business and other critical operations remain open. Schools remain closed.

Phase 2 (beginning May 4 for most counties)

  • Those 65 and older or high-risk should remain at home as  much as possible
  • Those able to work remotely are encourage to do so whenever possible
  • Social gatherings can increase to 25 people
  • Essential travel restrictions will be lifted
  • Remaining manufacturers that were not considered essential will be able to open
  • Retail and commercial businesses will open at 50 percent capacity
  • Beginning May 8
    • For all counties, Indiana worship services may convene, while adhering to social distancing. Virtual and drive-in services are still encourages and those 65 and older are asked to stay home
  • Beginning May 11
    • Restaurants and bars that serve food may open for dine-in at 50 percent capacity. Bar seating to remain closed.
    • Personal services such as hair salons and tattoo parlors can open by appointment only and adhere to social distancing guidelines
  • Phase 2 plans for certain counties:
    • Marion and Lake Counties begin Phase 2 on May 11
    • Cass County to begin Phase 2 on May 18
    • Indianapolis to begin Phase 2 on May 11
    • Marion County stay-at-home order extends through May 15

Phase 3 (beginning May 24)

  • Social gatherings up to 100 people may occur
  • Retail stores and malls can go up to 75 percent capacity
  • Movie theaters can operate at 50 percent
  • Those considered high-risk may venture out cautiously

Phase 4 (beginning June 14)

  • Face coverings will be optional
  • Zoos and museums can open at 50 percent capacity
  • Social gatherings of up to 250 will be allowed
  • State government buildings will reopen to the public
  • Office employees can resume work at full capacity
  • Retail can open at full capacity
  • Dining service can open at 75 percent capacity
  • Recreational sports and leagues can resume

Phase 5 (beginning July 4)

  • Fairs, festivals and sporting events can resume while adhering to social distancing guidelines
  • Remote work will still be optional
  • Retail stores, gyms, personal services and dining can operate at full capacity
  • Restrictions will be lifted at amusement parks and like facilities
  • NOTE: state will decide how to approach the upcoming school year during this time

Governor Holcomb stressed in his announcement that “constant vigilance” from constituents will be essential during this process and if these principles aren’t met, the plan can change.

“This is up to each and every one of us,” said Governor Holcomb. “Our effort going forward will be all about managing through this crisis. I’m praying for vaccine, but we gotta do what we can do right now.”

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