Frank Hugelmeyer, president of the RV Industry Association, sat down with brand communications guru and growth strategy expert Kristin Carpenter-Ogden of Channel Mastery Podcast on June 12 to discuss the impact of campground modernization on the outdoor recreation economy, consumer, outdoor recreation roundtable, and RV industry.

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The information below was provided to the RV Industry Association, courtesy of Channel Mastery Podcast. You may listen to the entire episode of the podcast with Frank here or you may download the transcript here.


Frank Hugelmeyer was one of the guiding forces behind one of the most important developments in the outdoor recreation world…ever. In 2012, as the head of the Outdoor Industry Association, he led the effort to quantify the entire outdoor recreation economy. Six years later, in February 2018, the Federal government formally recognized outdoor rec economy as a noteworthy contributor to our nation’s GDP. It’s nothing short of…HUGE!

Now, Hugelmeyer is leading the RV Industry Association. On top of guiding this BOOMING industry, he’s also encouraging all factions of the outdoor rec economy to unify in one voice as part of the Outdoor Recreation Roundtable. His is a big picture vision that takes all the details into account.

Want to know who is fighting for the future of outdoor rec? Listen to this episode.


Frank Hugelmeyer is president of the RV Industry Association, co-chairman of Go RVing, and a co-founding board member of the Outdoor Recreation Roundtable. He has more than 30 years of experience in the sporting goods, fitness equipment and outdoor industry private sectors and an extensive background in retail, manufacturing, brand development, public policy and association management.

Prior to RV Industry Association, Hugelmeyer was the longtime president and CEO of Outdoor Industry Association where he delivered sweeping improvements to member value in the fields of consumer trends, business innovation, B2B education and advocacy. While at OIA, Frank inspired and led campaign to identify the value of the outdoor recreation economy. For his full bio, click here.


“[Vehicle supported adventure is] really creating the opportunity where the entire world is your campground.”

“The American road trip is back.”

“I think it’s critical for us to really understand what drives that [outdoor rec] economy. Because when that number came back and we’re drawing two percent of the GDP in the United States, that puts us as the 15th largest contributor in the country to the GDP, collectively as recreation. …We’re now larger than utilities. We’re larger than agriculture. That is a monster contribution.”

“When we can bring those folks together, like the business roundtable has for the largest companies in the world, we change the debate. That was really what we strove to do with the Outdoor Recreation Roundtable.”

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