Handbook Updates Are Here!

Aug 24, 2018

The RV Industry Association is proud to announce the latest handbook updates (HBU #1-18) for the 2018 edition of Standards Handbook – A Guide to NFPA 1192 and the 2015 edition of Standards Handbook – A Guide to ANSI A119.5.

These handbooks were established as a tool that can be used by all interested parties to obtain uniformity to the highest degree possible in enforcement positions throughout the industry. They’ve also been assembled in a cooperative effort between the states that have their own RV enforcement programs and the RV industry.

Get a glimpse of some of the updates for each handbook below:

How to Use the 1192 RV Handbook

  • Section 6.4.6 Special Transportation Provisions
  • Section 7-3.1 Lighting Fixtures
  • (New) Section 8.6.2 Axle, Tire, and Wheel Assembly Requirements

Each page of this contains a code reference number that corresponds to the similar code reference within the respective Standards (e.g. NFPA 1192, ANSI LV or NEC).

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How to Use the A119.5 Park Model RV Handbook

  • Section 552.40(A) General Requirements
  • Section 2-4.8 Routing and Protection of Tubing
  • Section 4-8.2.2 Fittings

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Each code reference of NFPA 1192 – 2018, Article 551 of the 2017 National Electrical Code, and ANSI/RVIA LV – 2018 edition is treated as a separate section in the 1192 handbook. Each code reference of ANSI A119.5 – 2015 and Article 552 of the 2017 National Electrical Code is also treated as a separate section in the A119.5 handbook. Where specific code references are self-explanatory, they are not covered nor included in either handbook. Code references not covered are also designated in the index preceding each chapter. If at a later date these code references require explanation, an updated page will be provided.

Each handbook subscriber will have their handbooks distributed and registered to them. All specified subscribers will receive all changes and updates. Clearly marked and dated revised pages will be issued as part of the subscription service, as well.

It is not intended for either of these handbooks to be a substitute for the standards, but to be used in conjunction with them. Only with your help can these handbooks continue to be used to achieve uniformity and the RV Industry Association’s Standards Department appreciates your efforts and support.