The House and Senate RV Caucus Members are the champions for the RV industry and RV lifestyle on Capitol Hill. These Members of Congress are champions for advocating on behalf of the RV industry on issues such as campground modernization, tax, and trade issues. Here we feature one of the newest members of the House RV Caucus.

RandyFeenstraRepresentative Randy Feenstra of Iowa’s 4th congressional district has recently joined the House RV Caucus.

Born and raised in Hull, Iowa, Feenstra graduated from Dordt University and received his MPA from Iowa State University. Feenstra completed his tenure as head of sales for the Foreign Candy Company before teaching business and economics courses at Dordt University. He has also served as City Administrator, Sioux County Treasurer, and Iowa state Senator, where he became chairman of the Ways and Means committee. Feenstra is currently finishing his doctorate in business administration from Northcentral University. He is married to his wife of 28 years, and they have four children.

On January 3, 2021, Feenstra was sworn in to the 117th Congress. He serves on the House Agriculture Committee, House Committee on the Budget, and House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology. Aside from the RV Caucus, he is also a member of the House Republican Caucus and the Biofuels Caucus.

Welcome to the House RV Caucus, Representative Randy Feenstra!

Winnebago Industries

Constituent requests are the most effective way to continue to build the RV Caucuses. Randy Feenstra is a member of Congress for Forest City, Iowa, where Winnebago Industries' main manufacturing plant is located. Winnebago recently met with Rep. Feenstra to discuss RV industry priorities, requesting that the congressman join the RV Caucus. Kudos to Winnebago for expanding the RV industry's bullpen of champions on Capitol Hill!

The RV Industry Needs Your Help!

Don’t see your member of Congress or Senator on the House or Senate RV Caucus list? The best way to recruit new members is with a direct ask from RV industry constituents, either during a facility tour or RVs Move America Week. Click here to ask your member of Congress to join the growing number of RV industry champions on Capitol Hill.

For more information on Representative Feenstra, click here.

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