How Will You Get Involved?

Jul 10, 2018

The RV Industry Association is driven by members who graciously volunteer their time and expertise to help realize our collective mission to promote and protect the RV industry. An active and engaged membership helps the association achieve our goals, develop new leadership and foster communication.

Whether you’re a long-time or recent member of the association, we hope members consider taking an active role in the organization. There are many ways to get involved and share your talents, including:

Become An Industry Advocate
As an association, we advocate for the RV industry at the federal and state levels of government on a wide range of issues to create a favorable business environment, protect against onerous legislation and regulations, and make it easier for consumers to buy, drive and own an RV. To help make this possible, we encourage members to become familiar with elected officials, contact policy makers, engage on social media, invite policy-makers to visit your business and by attending Advocacy Day.

Attend An Event
The RV Industry Association organizes events that unite RV manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, campground operators and other industry partners. These industry events provide networking opportunities, business development with customers, exposure to innovative concepts, educational experience and so much more.

Join A Committee
Our membership pool is made of talented men and women. If time and the opportunity arise, we encourage members to explore a role with a team where you can thrive, become more involved in the industry, build relationships and network, gain professional and personal development, explore leadership opportunities, or serve by making a difference and an impact in the RV industry. Just contact the staff liaison of a committee(s) you’re interested in to get started!

Running For The Board Of Directors
The Board of Directors is the highest level of authority in the association’s overall organizational structure and is responsible for setting and overseeing strategy and policy related to critical topics such as standards, marketing, government affairs, trade shows, industry education and association finances. Nominations are conducted each spring and this year’s candidates are campaigning from July 1 – August 31. Elected members will then serve a three-year term beginning October 31. Click here to view this year’s nominees!

To learn more about how you can get involved with the RV Industry Association, click here.