International Trade Commission Issues Questionnaires In Aluminum Sheet Case

Aug 2, 2018

The International Trade Commission (ITC) has issued its questionnaires for the final phase of its antidumping/countervailing duty investigation of common alloy aluminum sheet from China. There are four types of questionnaires: domestic producers of aluminum sheet, foreign producers, importers and purchasers. RV Industry Association members will mostly fall into the ­­­­­purchaser category.

While the ITC has sent the questionnaires out to particular companies, any company that falls into any of these four categories can file a questionnaire response. If you are the importer of record, you should fill out the importer questionnaire. If you purchase aluminum sheet from another U.S. company (regardless of whether the aluminum is produced in the U.S. or is imported), you should respond to the purchaser questionnaire. If you have both types of transactions (some direct imports and some purchases from other U.S. companies), you will have to do both questionnaires. To view all the questionnaires and instructions, click here.

Within the next two weeks, the RV Industry Association will hold a webinar to go over the questionnaires as responses are due Friday, August 31.

Here is the schedule for further consideration of the investigation by the ITC:

  • 8/31      Return Questionnaires
  • 10/16    Prehearing Report Issued by ITC
  • 10/23   Prehearing Briefs Due
  • 10/30   Hearing (full day)
  • 11/8      Post hearing Briefs Due
  • 11/28    Record Closes
  • 11/30    Final Comments
  • 12/5     Proposed Vote by ITC
  • 12/19    Determination Issued
  • 12/19    Views Issued/End

If you have any questions, please contact Mike Ochs at or 571 665 5860.