Maine-Based Advertising Agency Invests In Innovative RV Perks To Retain Employees

Oct 20, 2021

Jim Hauptman, an employee for an advertising company located in Yarmouth, ME, recently wrote about his company’s investment in a RV. The business was “contemplating the purchase of a utility van to serve as a mobile office/basecamp for video production shoots,” he said. Ultimately, after the agency considered employee recruitment and retention, they decided to go even further with their idea.

This past Friday, the agency surprised their staff, which is largely comprised of Gen X-ers, with a camper van RV. Hauptman writes that it “does double duty as a production basecamp during the week, but can also be used by staff on weekends for their personal camping adventures.”

He adds that prospective employees are become more interested in companies whose values match their own: “Here in Maine, at least, that’s a kayak- and mountain-bike toting RV!"

Their story originally appeared in an Axios article here.

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