The Rapid Rise Of RVs – A Guide For First-Timers

Jun 23, 2020

As states lift stay-at-home orders, the humble RV is, for many, suddenly looking like the perfect solution for a socially distanced vacation (or gas-station-bathroom-less road trip). Dealers, in turn, are noticing a surge in sales — “as much as 170 percent over a similar period last May,” says the RV Industry Association’s Craig Kirby. Seasoned RVers recommend that rookies rent before buying to figure out how much space they need (city dwellers seeking weekend escape might be content piling into a compact camper van, whereas RVers with preschoolers may require bunk beds) and to see if they prefer driving or towing (peer-to-peer rental services RVShare and Outdoorsy make that possible). Here, the best RVs for everyone, from nervous drivers to those looking to replicate an on-the-road two-bedroom condo.

Before diving in, it’s important to know that there are three types of motorized RVs (a.k.a. motor homes): Class A, buslike vehicles, ranging from 26 to 45 feet long; Class B, essentially oversize vans; and Class C, roomy hybrids with a bed floating above the driver’s cab. Towables cover everything else, including fancy fifth wheels, pop-up campers, and retro teardrop trailers.

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