Matt Wald, RV Industry Association’s vice president of strategic business initiatives, announced his resignation – effective January 17, 2019.  Matt and his wife (Lisa) plan to travel internationally for the next year, where they will continue to run their successful online retail business and provide remote consulting to existing and new clients.

“This decision has been something Lisa and I have been planning for quite a while, and we are very excited about this new chapter in our lives – both personally and professionally. As excited as we are to pursue our passion for travel and exploring this amazing planet, I do have sadness that I will not be seeing and working with each of you on a daily basis.” said Wald. “RVIA is an amazing organization and the changes we have been through together is taking the organization to the next level. The RV industry is a special industry, and one that I have immensely enjoyed working in for the past 15 years – and I look forward to following the continued growth of the industry and RVIA from Asia, Africa, Europe and South America.”

“For 15 years, Matt has been an incredible asset and friend to the RV Industry Association as well as the newly formed RV Technical Institute (RVTI),” said Frank Hugelmeyer, RV Industry Association President. “He has developed tremendous value for our members and the entire RV industry. On a personal note, I’m deeply thankful for all of the hard work, wise counsel and unwavering support he has provided me during my tenure. As an organization, we simply would not have evolved as far as we have over the past several years without Matt’s leadership.”

As an organization, the RV Industry Association is working on our transition plan to manage the functions currently being handled under Matt’s leadership. Despite his pending departure, Matt wants to help assist during this period of transition and will be available onsite in his existing role for the RV Industry Association until the morning of January 17. After that, while abroad, he will be available, if and whenever needed, as a consultant to assist and support our programs. 

As far as his work on the RV Technical Institute, Matt has been diligent about leaving the RV Industry Association team in a very strong position. The RVTI project is well resourced and will continue to move forward on schedule as laid out in the Board-approved strategic plan.