The RV Industry Association’s newly formed RV Technical Institute will play host to the Second Annual Top Tech Challenge, slated for 4:00pm – 6:00pm on Wednesday, March 13th at the Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City.

The competition, a featured event during RVX: The RV Experience, will pit eight of the best service techs in the country against each other in a winner-take-all scenario for the title of Top Tech and $10,000 cash prize to be shared by the tech and their dealership.

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Current “Top Tech” champion Brandon Galbreath, from Joplin, Ala., will return to the Challenge to defend his crown against seven new competitors at next year’s event. The competition, designed to elevate the profile of service technicians, attracting more talent to the field and increasing the quality of service available to consumers, will focus on identifying the service technician with the best skills in identifying potential RV service issues. In addition to the cash prize, the winner will receive marketing materials to display at their dealership that recognizes their achievements, as well as promotional content for their website and social media platforms.

“The RV Technical Institute Top Tech Challenge continues to highlight the profile of RV service techs and their importance to the industry,” said Liz Crawford, RV Industry Association senior vice president of trade shows and events.

“Last year’s event produced by the RV Industry Association’s Education and Training team really helped solidify the program and put technicians front and center. This year, the event production is going to be on a whole new level! We’re also going to be working with local technical schools in Salt Lake City to promote the competition and get students thinking about career potential in the industry.”

“The RV Technical Institute was built to propel the industry forward by helping train more technicians, certify them, raise awareness and recruitment into the industry, with the intent to keep RVs out on the road for a better consumer experience,” said Bruce Hopkins, RV Industry Association vice president of standards and education. “By incorporating the RV Technical Institute into the program, we’ll be able to use this event as a launching pad to help promote the RV industry to thousands of dealers, industry members and consumers who may be wondering what their next career can look like.”

Have the skills and want to compete in the RV Technical Institute Top Tech Challenge? Be on the lookout as submissions for one of the seven spots will open in the next few weeks!