Opportunity for Company-Specific RV Owner Demographic Research

May 21, 2024

Later this year, Go RVing will release an updated RV Consumer Demographic Profile, conducted by market insights group Ipsos. As the RV industry’s customer profile continues to change, the 2024 Consumer Demographic Profile is being developed to gain deeper insights on the ownership habits of future RV owners, as well as those of current and former RV owners.

The upcoming Consumer Demographic Profile will also identify and segment unique groups of RV intenders to improve services, marketing, and communication. The analysis will be developed to provide the industry with a common discussion point for future owners, similar to the segmentation completed for current owners in 2021

New this year, member companies will have the opportunity to contract with Ipsos on proprietary research of their customers to benchmark against the aggregate findings of the Demographic Profile and the new intender segmentation. Ipsos can offer special pricing for companies and brands to build off the research that is already under development for the 2024 RV Consumer Demographic Profile.

The Business Problem

While the industry relies on the Demographic Profile Study and related segmentation analyses from the RV Industry Association for guidance and insight, there is a desire for members to be able to take a deeper, yet cost-effective dive into the profile results and how their own customers may align or differ for strategic decision making. 

The Solution

In addition to the core Demographic Profile and Intender Segmentation analyses that Ipsos will deliver to Go RVing, individual RV Industry Association members will be given the opportunity to provide customer samples to Ipsos for inclusion in the study. Results from these customer samples responses to the  Demographic Profile survey will be separate from the Go RVing results, with the option for members to include up to five custom questions for their customers to answer. 

Upon close of the survey, participating members will receive a custom report for, with results compared to those of the RV Industry Association respondents to understand differences in profiles, habits, or segmentations of their owners. Results can be reported in aggregate for the company, and/or segmented into individual divisions/brands as appropriate (additional costs will apply).

The Impact

The impact of the Demographic Profile and Segmentation results will be enhanced by allowing members to digest the insights from Go RVing and attach an internal lens for greater actionability and strategic decision making. 

Please note that associated costs for measurement would be the responsibility of individual RV Industry Association members, not Go RVing.

For those interested in learning more, please reach out to Tim Reimer, Vice President of Ipsos, at  Tim.Reimer@ipsos.com