With summer vacation plans being altered due to the ongoing pandemic, people may be looking into new ways to getaway, according to a recent article by KX Net.

An RV store in Minot says it’s seen a pretty big jump in first-time buyers, making up roughly 35 percent of sales for May.

Although the virus has caused the store to showcase the products virtually, the sales manager for Capital RV says they actually beat their sales goal for the month.

He says the vehicles can be a way for families to beat the heat and relax during the summer days.

“They still wanna spend some quality time with their families so what they’re doing is they’re trying the camping thing out and kinda going off the grid so they can practice the social distancing and just be to themselves,” said Capital RV Minot Sales Manager Scott Benjamin.

The RV Industry Association pointed to a survey that found 1 in 4 people are planning some kind of RV trip in the next year.