The RV Industry And Corporate Social Responsibility

Jun 19, 2019

The RV Industry takes pride in the level of success we have experienced with industry-led innovation, conservation and regulation. The RV Industry Association works to maintain that ability for the industry to hold itself accountable to consumers and the public, rather than react to imposed government regulation.

With this goal in mind, the government affairs team at the association is working to make sure that lawmakers at all levels understand that the RV industry is forward-thinking when it comes to how we do business - like having efficient and safe manufacturing processes, taking care of our environment for future generations, and investing in our employees and communities.

This article is part of a new series on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) that will feature RV Industry Association members who are leading the way with impressive CSR efforts in our industry.

Are there CSR initiatives underway at your company? Would you like those efforts to be featured in an upcoming spotlight in this series? Contact the government affairs team today to start a discussion!

Sam Rocci and Ashley Brinkman teamed up to present an overview of CSR and why members should be thinking about it at the RV Industry Association’s June 2019 Public & Legislative Affairs Committee Meeting.

CSR will be an important public policy and public relations subject area in the future. Former RV Industry Association President Frank Hugelmeyer echoed that future RV consumers, starting even now with Gen X-ers and certainly with Millennials, will expect companies they engage with to have a CSR component. The presentation spurred a lively discussion amongst committee members that included agreement that the RV industry should be better promoting how we are investing in our communities.

Members can log in to their MY RVIA account to access a copy of the Corporate Social Responsibility power point presentation by clicking here!

A way members may highlight their good work is by contacting us! If you have questions about CSR or would like your company’s CSR efforts to be featured in this series, please feel free to reach out to Sam at or Ashley at