Despite not being able to meet in person during the RV Industry Association’s annual RVs Move America Week, which would have taken place last week, Association committees met virtually throughout the week to chart the future of the RV industry.

Of note, the Standards Steering Committee, Public Relations Committee, Public & Legislative Affairs Committee, and the Go RVing Coalition all met last week to discuss everything from standards enforcement dates to policy priorities to upcoming Go RVing campaigns and efforts to sustain the continued run of positive press surrounding the RV industry. 

The week was capped off with a meeting of the RV Industry Association Board of Directors on Thursday, June 10.

During the meeting, the Board unanimously voted to become a Silver Sponsor of the RV Women’s Alliance, the two-year-old organization dedicated to fostering the next generation of female RV leaders and innovators. Funding provided by the RV Industry Association will help to further the Alliance’s mission and support educational and professional development opportunities for Alliance members.

The Board also unanimously approved the establishment of the Emerging Leaders Coalition. The group had previously been a Task Force and will now be a standing coalition. The primary purpose of the RV Industry Emerging Leaders Coalition is to strengthen institutional industry collaboration, competency, engagement, inclusivity, and innovation by identifying, recruiting, developing, engaging, and retaining emerging industry leaders and harnessing and elevating diverse emerging industry leader perspectives.

The RV Industry Association looks forward to once again meeting in person and advocating for the RV industry on Capitol Hill during next year’s RVs Move America Week scheduled for June 5-9, 2022, in Washington, DC.

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