RV Industry Association VP Of Standards Bruce Hopkins Announces Retirement

Feb 25, 2020

RV Industry Association Vice President of Standards Bruce Hopkins has announced he will retire at the end of the year. Hopkins leaves behind a legacy of self-regulation that promotes uniform standards across the RV industry, instead of a patchwork of government regulations. The team he has built and mentored over four decades is known not only for promoting safety compliance, but also for their commitment to providing educational resources and hands-on training to members.

“Bruce’s contributions to the RV industry and the RV Industry Association span an incredible 40 years and cannot be overstated,” said RV Industry Association Chairman Garry Enyart. “He has been a passionate and effective advocate representing the technical interests of the RV industry before national and international standards organizations as well as agencies at the state and federal government level. As vice president of standards, he is the ‘godfather’ of the industry’s standards and inspection program, one of the RV Industry Association’s core functions that impacts virtually every manufacturer, supplier, dealer and RV consumer. Under his watch, RV Industry Association seals have been affixed to literally millions of RVs.”

“The impact of Bruce’s dedication and exemplary service to the Association and the RV industry will be felt for decades to come,” said RV Industry Association President Craig Kirby. “He has had a tremendous impact on the industry through leading the development of RV standards that provide for a safe experience for RV consumers worldwide. Bruce has left an indelible mark on the industry and we are all the better for it. He is as passionate today about his job as the first day I met him.”

“Ensuring continuity of the Standards program is a primary focus of the Association as we enter this next stage,” Kirby continued. “And we are grateful that Bruce will be with us through the end of the year to pass on his encyclopedic knowledge to the next leader of our standards program.”

“I have had the immense pleasure of working with a great team in a terrific industry,” said RV Industry Association Vice President of Standards Bruce Hopkins. “If my legacy is to have created the foundation to keep our industry self-regulated and able to adapt quickly as the needs of the industry change, then that is something of which I can be very proud. What I am looking forward to now is ensuring the next generation of the standards team is prepared to lead the RV industry into the future.”

The search for the next leader of the RV Industry Association’s Standards Department is currently underway. The organization is currently looking for someone with deep knowledge, expertise, and experience to oversee and guide the standards department activities including standards development, the inspection process and member education. To learn more about the position click here.