RV Industry Association’s RV-C Subcommittee Critical To New Course

Sep 28, 2023

The RV Technical Institute’s most recent addition to its curriculum, Introduction to RV-C, was launched two weeks ago. The class provides technicians with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand and utilize RV-CAN (RV-C), a powerful diagnostic tool used in the RV industry. Course participants will learn about the basics of RV-C, its physical layer, operation, and the software tools associated with it. By expanding the number of topics covered by the RV Technical Institute’s curriculum, the new RV-C course aims to improve the customer experience.

The course was initially requested and outlined by the RV Industry Association's RV-C Subcommittee, which is responsible for oversight and all revisions of the Association’s Board of Directors-approved Recommended Practice RV-C™ protocol.

Kyle Correa-Brady, the RV Industry Association’s Assistant General Counsel and staff liaison for the RV-C Subcommittee, emphasizes why the course is important to the industry and its evolution over the last few years. “The idea and development of this new RV-C course is a perfect representation of how the RV Industry Association’s committee work benefits both the industry and the end consumer. When the RV-C Subcommittee reconvened in 2019, one of the first priorities identified by the subcommittee was focusing on RV-C education. To address this priority, the subcommittee formed the RV-C education ad hoc group. Under the leadership of Mark Howlett, the Chair of the RV-C Subcommittee, and the guidance of David Mihalick, the Chair of the RV-C education ad hoc group, the idea for the ‘Introduction to RV-C’ course was presented and approved by the RV-C Subcommittee.”

“Once approved, the recommendation was submitted to the RV Technical Institute for consideration. At that point, the successful development of the course was due to the hard work and efforts of the RV Technical Institute’s staff and vendor partners along with several RV-C experts in the industry. With this new course, RV technicians will better understand the RV-C protocol, which can help them in the field, especially as more RVs become equipped with RV-C compatible components.”

Mark Howlett, Chairman of the RV-C Subcommittee and Chief Operating Officer of Truma North America, agrees that the course will greatly support technician training efforts and the wider RV industry: “It is great to see the efforts of the RV-C Subcommittee coming together and transitioning to the technician and further supporting campers. The foresight of the Subcommittee to understand the need for life-cycle management and cradle-to-grave accountability has been extraordinary. Further, the RV Technical Institute’s ability to step up and support the program development shows the power of the RV Industry Association working together to ensure the consumer experience for today and the future is ready to manage technology and new experiences RV-C brings to the industry.”

The $100 course is now available. Completed entirely online, the six-hour course is fulfils credit hours needed towards Level 3 certification for electrical specialty.

Learn more about the RV-C course here.