A Look At The RV Industry Association’s Standards Program Through A New Inspector

Mar 31, 2021

The RV Industry Association’s standards inspection program is one of the organization’s signature industry initiatives and its greatest member benefit. The standards department maintains a professional team of full-time inspectors that promote the enhancement of safety by monitoring adherence to the standards adopted by the Board of Directors for the construction of RVs and Park Model RVs. The team of Inspectors conducts more than 2,000 unannounced inspections of member company RV manufacturing plants annually.

Brand new Inspector, Tyler Reamer is really enjoying his new role. Reamer, whose background is in heavy trucks and equipment, was hired by the RV Industry Association in March, and currently works in Elkhart, Indiana, the RV capital of the world.

“It’s exciting because I’ve always been a hands-on kind of guy,” Reamer said. “It’s nice to be on the other side of things. I’ve always done a lot of manual labor throughout my life and this is a labor-intensive job but it’s definitely more mental. It’s a really unique job. I’m enjoying it.”

The job responsibilities of an RV Inspector can vary greatly. It isn’t unusual to experience a different work environment every day.

“I like the fact that I can still be technically minded, I can communicate with others, I get to travel,” Reamer says. “There’s office work; there’s hands-on in the plant; and there’s communication with the plant contacts. We’re everything in one.”

Along with providing feedback on the construction of RVs to industry standards, RV Industry Association Inspectors make it a priority to provide educational resources, and hands-on training to manufacturer plant contacts during inspections.

“Open communication is key. We’re there to be an educator. We’re there for them to help them build a better product for the millions of RV buyers to enjoy.”

For more information on the RV Industry Association’s standards program, click here.


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