RV Technical Institute And New England RV Dealers Association Form Partnership To Introduce More Service Technicians To The RV Industry

Apr 19, 2022
Career Path

As the Year of Recruitment continues, the RV Technical Institute (RVTI) has been hard at work attending events across the country in their efforts to recruit and train 1,000 service technicians from outside the industry.

As the RVTI team strives to meet this challenge, they have found support from organizations such as the New England RV Dealers Association (NERVDA).

“Dealers understand the extreme need for more technicians in the industry,” said RVTI Director of Recruitment Tracy Anglemeyer. “NERVDA, as well as other state dealer associations, have been instrumental in helping in any way that they can to promote awareness of the need for trained technicians. This collaboration between RVTI and dealer associations allows us to be much more impactful in our education and recruitment efforts.”

Recently, RVTI and NERVDA attended the Massachusetts School Counselors Association Conference where, with NERVDA’s support, the Institute introduced counselors to the RV industry’s career opportunities, particularly the service technician path.

During the conference, NERVDA partnered with a local New England dealer, Fuller RV Rentals and Sales, to bring out a Class C for display. The display was a huge draw that facilitated conversations with the counselors about the RV industry and the need for technicians. The RV industry’s presence at the event was also highlighted through a live video showcasing the conference and what the industry is trying to accomplish. 

The joint efforts were a success. “This conference was the first time that many Massachusetts school counselors were educated on RVs, dealers, and technicians,” said Anglemeyer. “Our team spoke with over 500 school counselors about how the curriculum could be taught at their schools to interested students. These students then have the opportunity to become certified as a technician before graduating and, as a result, have career options aside from higher education.”

After the counselors learned more about RVTI and RV technician career path, many were interested in the opportunity for their students.

Going forward, RVTI and NERVDA plan to attend future events together, namely a conference in New Jersey this fall. In the meantime, RVTI will continue attending events across the country and plans to visit 39 more events by the end of the year as they work towards their recruitment goal.

“Our team at the RV Technical Institute greatly appreciates NERVDA’s support as we continue to work towards our recruitment goal,” said RV Technical Institute’s Executive Director Curt Hemmeler. “Industry unity is a crucial part of reaching goals such as this, and that’s been demonstrated this month with the support of both NERVDA and Fuller RV. We’re excited to continue working towards our objective and to be partnering with NERVDA and other organizations as the year continues.”

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