RV Technical Institute To Offer Level Two Courses For RV Technicians

Jun 28, 2021

The RV Technical Institute is offering Level Two courses both online and in-person at its campus in Elkhart, Indiana. This four-week course, which takes place August 2-27, 2021, is for RV technicians seeking Level 2 certification. Subjects covered will include electric, water, appliances, propane tank, generators, and chassis.

There are two ways to complete the course. The first option is to attend all four weeks in-person at RVTI, which includes classroom instruction and hands-on labs. Alternatively, you can take the course online for the first three weeks and then attend in-person during the fourth week to perform the hands-on labs and activities.

Review and proctored certification testing will occur on the last two days of class, August 26-27.

Keep in mind that online classes will automatically "open" for students on August 2nd and will appear in the learner's RVTI dashboard. It will take a student approximately 27.5 hours each of the first three weeks to complete the coursework. A detailed schedule of course completion milestones is provided in confirmation.

For more information on the in-person four-week course, check out the webpage here.

For more information on the hybrid course, check it out here.

There is additional information on the RV Technical Institute’s online catalog, which you can find here.