The RV Technical Institute is the gold standard when it comes to RV technician training, providing the only industry-backed training curriculum and RV technician certification and career path. RVTI has been led by its Board of Directors since it was founded and, thanks to the contributions of people from across the RV industry, recently expanded industry input through the establishment of three industry-led committees.

These committees have recently been added in support of the RVTI’s unique technician training and recruiting program: the Certification Commission, Learning Partner Commission, and Curriculum Committee.

The Certification Commission is led by Level 4 Master Certified Technician and Top Tech Challenge winner Brandon Galbreath. The committee is responsible for setting passing scores on certification exams (as recommended by curriculum committee), reviewing all testing impropriety cases and appeals, determining course of action for improprieties, and setting and approving Level 3 certification requirement hours. The committee is comprised of Level 4 Master Certified Technicians. Their first meeting will take place soon and will cover topics including: the review and revision of Level 3 certification criteria and the criteria for expired technicians, also known as the reengagement program.

The second committee, the Learning Partner Commission, is headed by Lee Casey from RV Retailer. The commission upholds learning partner criteria, reviews all non-compliance cases and appeals, and determines courses of action for non-compliance. The committee is comprised of representatives from RVTI’s learning partners.

The Curriculum Committee is the final addition to the new committee structure. It is led by Steve Roddy, a Level 4 Master Certified Technician, aftermarket supplier, and FRVTA Instructor who works with the Dealer Resources Group. The Curriculum Committee oversees approving change to curriculum standards and test content and recommending certification passing scores to the Certification Commission. The committee is made up of Level 4 Master Certified technician subject matter experts with a vast knowledge of the entire curriculum.

Want to learn more about the RV Technical Institute? Visit the RVTI website here.

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