RVillage Members Insist ‘We Will Camp Again’

May 4, 2020

RVers are chomping at the bit to go camping, but they also believe camping as they know it might not be the same, according to a recent survey by RVillage, an online social network for RV owners and campers with nearly 220,000 members.

As soon as restrictions are lifted, 77 percent of the survey’s respondents said they will head out with “informed caution,” and 63 percent said they expect to find some restrictions within the campground such as fewer services and more imitations. Only 6 percent said they plan to stay home and almost no one said their RV is up for sale.

“We asked our members the question that was on everyone’s mind: What’s Next?” said Curtis Coleman, RVillage founder. “The response was strong and immediate, and the answer was loud and clear. When given the green light, RVers will camp again. Perhaps a little differently, and with expectations of less services and amenities, but the majority of respondents predict RVing will be even more popular than before.”

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