RVing Made Accessible: Cory Lee Woodard’s Trip

May 5, 2021

Cory Lee Woodard didn’t let the fact that he is in a wheelchair stop him from fulfilling his life-long desire to go RVing. “RVing on the great American highway is something I’ve wanted to do for years,” Cory stated, “but I never imagined it would be possible because I use a motorized wheelchair.”

However, thanks to the Winnebago Inspire AE, Cory was able to make that desire a reality. For eight days, Cory traveled along the east coast of Florida with ease, comfort, and security. The handicap accessible amenities added to Winnebago’s RVs “Accessibility Enhanced” line include features that are designed specifically with accessibility in mind and ensure that no one is prevented from RVing due to physical limitations. With these new accessible RVs, people like Cory who thought they would never be able to experience the RV life, are able to safely and easily travel.

Cory is the newest contributor to Go RVing’s first-timer’s tool kit, an educational series aimed at new RVers that provides tips on getting started, how-to videos, and travel advice. Cory provides a starting point for people searching for accessible RV options and recounts his favorite features that made his experience worry-free. These include: a Braun ability lift, tie-downs for wheelchairs during travel, a roll-in shower, multiple bed options, and the overall spaciousness of the model.

Cory shared, “Thanks to more and more companies now making an effort to be inclusive, RVing has never been more wheel-chair friendly.” Cory also highlights additional models that meet accessibility needs that he recommends seeing in person to find the best fit to each individual need. “With more and more companies coming out with new, accessible RV models every year, finding the RV that fits your life and your needs has never been more possible,” said Cory.

Collaboration with Cory is a continuation of Go RVing’s focus on content creation and messaging for diverse audiences that fosters inclusion within the RVing community. This is the first piece in a series from Cory Lee Woodard that is aimed at reaching new RVers with special needs who are looking for resources on how to get started.

Check out Cory’s full piece here