Survey Reveals 81 Percent Of Parents Considering Remote Learning While Traveling This Fall

Aug 19, 2020

The Dyrt, a camping search app, is noticing a surge in parents taking advantage of schools’ plans for remote learning and hitting the road with their kids, according to a survey they recently completed.

The survey sent to 7,000 of The Dyrt’s most engaged users showed 81 percent of parents are actively considering remote learning from the road. In the last month, over 14 million miles of road trips have been planned using The Dyrt.

“Whether it’s to extend the summer or broaden the learning environment, parents are seeing a unique opportunity with remote learning,” noted Kevin Long, co-founder and CEO of The Dyrt. “Kids learn so much being outdoors and in new environments, so we’re doing everything we can to support it where possible.”

Kirsten Baughan, a parent in Rhode Island, said, “We want to extend our family’s camping season this year and see a great deal of benefits to hitting the road. The kids can do their studies in the mornings and the family can adventure together afterwards! These kids are better off outside.”

Amanda Laino, a parent in California, shares, “We’re camping at the end of September with laptops and hotspots in tow! Although I would love my kids in the actual classroom, I also love the idea of our land, our U.S.A., as the classroom!”

Even some teachers are able to take advantage of this unique opportunity. Beckie Lynn, a teacher in North Carolina says, “I have a plastic drawer with my lesson stuff, including index cards, printed numbers, and kid books for reading aloud. Then I have my work bag with all my manuals for teaching. Everything else is essentially online so not much need for other supplies. I do have some craft stuff in the drawer as well in case I want to do online crafts.”

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