SylvanSport Manufactures Personal Protective Equipment

Mar 31, 2020

The RV industry is amplifying its efforts in the fight against the coronavirus crisis, as many are joining their communities to aid healthcare workers, near and far, to battle this pandemic.

SylvanSport of Brevard, NC makes camping and gear trailers but in response to coronavirus, the company developed the prototype for a medical-grade face shield and has switched its manufacturing plant to producing personal protection equipment, including face shields, to help healthcare workers during the coronavirus pandemic. They also reached out to their various world markets to locate hundreds of thousands of N95 masks and protective suits, matching them up with healthcare providers in need.

SylvanSport was able to procure a supply of N95 face masks from one of its suppliers in China, which had an abundance. The masks were overnighted and within an hour, SylvanSport made a hand-delivery of hundreds of masks to Hendersonville Pediatrics. They are also continuing to produce their GO campers and have made their in-house fleet available as temporary shelters, rapid-deployable mobile shelters, or other emergency response needs.

Our country has proven time and time again that we can come out of difficult circumstances stronger than before – and we will do it again. RV businesses are joining the fight and will continue to lend a hand during this difficult time.

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