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Oct 6, 2021

The RV Industry Association is continuing to highlight the sustainability, diversity, safety, and community efforts of our member companies and we want to tell your story! These stories are shared through the “Our Impact” webpage, which emphasizes the RV industry’s ongoing commitment to being responsible members of the outdoor community.

The RV Industry’s Association’s member efforts are divided into three focus areas:

Sustainability: Our country’s iconic lands are central to the RVing tradition—we must protect them for the enjoyment of future generations. That’s why the RV industry has partnered with local, state, and federal agencies on projects and policies that support America’s public lands and promote responsible visitor practices. Our industry is committed to sustainability, working toward net-zero emissions for RVs, sourcing environmentally friendly materials, and promoting circular supply chains.

Inclusion: We all need nature. The outdoors has proven health benefits, including relieving anxiety, stress, and depression. Go RVing and the RV industry strongly emphasize that adventure and RVing are for everyone. For many years, the industry has through our Go RVing advertising and promotion, worked towards encouraging diverse participation and to promote access for all.

Community: Our people define us. And the RV industry invests in our workforce and communities to support those who have helped make RVing such an iconic part of our country's history. Together, we are continually working towards improving worker safety and providing a rewarding career across all segments of the industry. Our brands give back to their communities through volunteering and investment, helping to retain a strong workforce and recruit the next group of innovators into the RV Industry.

If your company is making these efforts, we would love to hear from you! Share your story by reaching out to Laura Baird at

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