THOR Industries To Plant 500,000 Trees In 5 Years In Recent Partnership With National Forest Foundation

Nov 10, 2020

THOR Industries, Inc., announced a conservation effort in partnership with the National Forest Foundation (NFF) to plant half a million new trees in national forests by 2025.

Visited by millions each year and having experienced a double digit increase in use during the Covid-19 pandemic, national forests provide access to outdoor recreation activities in 44 states and Puerto Rico. THOR's commitment of 500,000 trees over five years will support rebuilding of public lands that help capture greenhouse gases (GHG), filter pollutants, and release life-giving oxygen while providing a retreat for outdoor newcomers and enthusiasts.

"Our tree planting program is critical to promoting the health and public enjoyment of our national forest system. Reforestation efforts have not been keeping pace with the need on the ground. The generosity of THOR Industries will help us ensure forests remain as forests, and we greatly value their support," said Mary Mitsos, President and CEO, National Forest Foundation.

THOR's commitment comes at a time when more individuals and families than ever are utilizing national forests and exploring nature. National forests and grasslands cover an expanse of 193 million acres and are visited by over 15 million people annually, with numbers expected to rise in the coming year.

NFF is the only nonprofit dedicated to addressing the many challenges facing national forests and grasslands, including wildfires, insects, disease, and funding shortfalls.

"Partnering with NFF to protect such vital national and environmental treasures is a natural fit for THOR. For 40 years, our global family of operating companies has helped connect families from all walks of life to nature and each other. National forests are a significant destination for our RV owners," said Chris Workman, THOR Industries' Vice President of Global Supply Management and Sustainability.

This collaboration is not a first for THOR. In 2019, the Company began partnering with NFF to support reforestation efforts, including plantings, recreation site improvements, and other conservation and education efforts. This additional commitment to plant 500,000 trees in five years follows recent news of intensified environmental sustainability targets for the THOR family of companies, including a 50 percent reduction in GHG emission by 2030, and achieving net neutral GHG emissions by 2050.

"Our family of operating companies is committed now, more than ever, to connecting more people to nature, conserving our natural resources and continuing to improve in measurable ways, year on year. Partnering with NFF to plant 500,000 new trees in our national forests is a natural progression of our sustainability efforts," said Workman.