Transport Canada Seeking Input on Proposed Requirements On Recall Information

May 17, 2021

The RV Industry Association was recently informed by Transport Canada that they are seeking input on an informal consultation document regarding Recall Information for Canadians. This document includes proposed amendments that would require and standardize information about safety recalls that companies make available online. More specifically, as it relates to the RV industry, any company, as defined by the Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Act, that manufactures, imports, or distributes vehicles, and all companies that manufacture, import, or distribute equipment would be required to publish standardized safety recall information online in both English and French.

Comments should be sent to one of the contacts listed in the informal consultation document not later than May 28, 2021. Please note that the informal consultation document is not regulatory text and is part of a pre-regulatory process.

The next steps for Transport Canada will be to publish the proposed rule with the formal regulatory text in the Canada Gazette Part 1 (which is the Canadian equivalent to NHTSA’s Notice of Proposed Rulemaking) in the fall of 2022. By participating in this pre-regulatory process, the industry can participate in the development of this proposed rule and help Transport Canada make it a rule that helps Canadian consumers while considering how RV manufacturers and suppliers operate.

If you have any questions about this informal consultation document, you can contact Transport Canada directly or reach out to RV Industry Association Assistant General Counsel Kyle Correa-Brady at

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