What 'Stay At Home' Means For Minnesota Outdoor Sports, Recreation, Fishing, Hunting

Mar 26, 2020

The latest executive order from Gov. Tim Walz for Minnesotans to “stay at home’’ doesn’t stop them from fishing, hunting, hiking, biking, walking, running, visiting state parks or enjoying other available public lands.

The broad exemption in favor of outdoor recreation — as long as people maintain proper social distancing — could go a long way to help address the state’s collective case of cabin fever. In places such as Red Wing, where spring walleye fishing already is booming on the Mississippi River, the mental health benefits are obvious.

“We’ve been super busy,” said Tanner Tredup of the 4 Season Sport Shop in Red Wing. “We have clients from Wisconsin, Iowa, Kansas and, of course, Minnesota.”

He said he was thankful the governor’s new order clearly states that fishing can continue because anglers needed better communication on the issue.

“It impacts our business,” he said.

The Department of Natural Resources didn’t provide much interpretation of the governor’s order. But the agency is encouraging people to “stay close to home while they are outdoors.”

DNR said in a statement that its staff is reviewing programs and services to determine whether changes are needed. But so far, the DNR hasn’t altered fishing or hunting seasons and has not put restrictions on the use of DNR-controlled boat ramps.

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