Forest River’s East To West RV Signs Pledge To America’s Workers – Witnessed By Secretary Bernhardt, Sen. Todd Young And Rep. Jackie Walorski

Aug 19, 2020

Forest River CEO Pete Liegl and his daughter, Lisa Liegl Rees, general manager of East To West RV, a Forest River Division, today (Aug. 19) signed the “Pledge to America’s Workers.”

The signing was witnessed by U.S. Secretary of the Interior David L. Bernhardt, U.S. Senator Todd Young and 2nd District U.S. Rep. Jackie Walorski. Prior to the signing, the group of dignitaries toured the East To West manufacturing facility on Elkhart, Ind.’s, northwest side.

The Pledge to American Workers is an outgrowth of the National Council for the American Worker in which the Trump Administration is asking companies and trade groups throughout the country to make a commitment to expand programs that educate, train, and re-skill American workers from high-school age to near-retirement.

Since President Trump signed an Executive Order to that effect, more than 430 companies and organizations have signed the pledge, contributing to over 16 million new education and training opportunities for American students and workers over the next five years.

During the signing ceremony, Liegl said, “Under our pledge to the American worker, we will provide individuals with opportunities to develop their skills. We will increase our apprenticeships, work-based learning programs and on-the-job training.”

He characterized the Great American Outdoors Act as a Godsend to the RV industry and the people who use the U.S. National Park Service system.

“We are blessed in this country to have the parks and the funding to keep them open,” he said.

Young called Walorski a champion for the RV industry in Washington, D.C., and thanked Bernhardt for, “choosing Elkhart, Indiana, to showcase this landmark legislation – The Great American Outdoors Act – and all the good it’s going to do.”

Prior to the tour, Rees said, “We’re just really excited to host this today. It’s a great day for East To West and Forest River workers, especially with the Pledge to the American Worker. And we’re excited to offer new jobs to the Elkhart area in Northern Indiana.”

Walorski said the pledge holds special significance amid the surge in demand for RVs and the importance of the RV industry workforce.

“It’s just really important. When we’re talking about highlighting employees’ jobs and more jobs, there is nothing happening more than right here in Elkhart County in the RV industry,” Walorski said. “While Americans were hunkered down at home, they got on their computers and they started ordering RVs so they could travel as soon as the country opened up.”

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Photo credit: Secretary Bernhardt Twitter @SecBernhardt