Jeff Cavins, the founder and CEO of top RV rental company Outdoorsy, told FOX Business’ "Mornings with Maria" Tuesday that business has grown 145% percent since the start of the coronavirus pandemic last year. 

JEFF CAVINS: Business is great. The great reopening in America is benefiting Outdoorsy, where we take 56 million RVs that sit in people's backyards, garages and driveways and we enable them to be rented in a marketplace. And business has grown for us 145% since COVID, which was after COVID a record year for the company and our and our six-year history.

I think during the lockdown, people must have become immediately fatigued early on, most of the travel was was local. We call it 'staycation,' you know, within 150 miles of where people live. And the business just soared in May of 2020 when we started this thing...

Check out the full video from FOXBusiness here.

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