Go RVing Launches Consumer Newsletter

Jul 2, 2021

At Go RVing, we are always looking for new ways to engage with the RVing community and provide resources, expert advice, how-tos, and inspirational content. Keeping new and potential RVers engaged is top of mind as the supply chain issues persist and manufacturers work to fulfill the needs of dealers who are seeing RVs flying off their lots at an unprecedented pace.

When RV interest is this high, it can be difficult for dealers to engage and keep up with the leads coming in on Go RVing’s website, so the team has launched a newsletter to help keep leads warm for dealers who are working tirelessly to keep up with demand.

Go RVing’s all new consumer-facing quarterly newsletter launched this summer to meet the needs of new, current, and potential RVers and present seasonally relevant content designed to keep RVers engaged with the lifestyle and hold the interest of consumers purchasing, or waiting to receive, their first RV. With demand surging, the team has shifted its strategy in 2021 to include more educational content that will help retain RVers by inspiring new uses, expanding content around expert advice, camping hacks and tips, recipes, how-tos, and more.  

The growing demand for RVs over the past year has also created a need for educational resources specific to the new RVers and consumers who are looking for content that will enable them to be successful as they embark on their first RV adventures. When people sign up on Go RVing’s website to receive more information, they are looking for guidance on how to get started and are expecting to be contacted. To meet these needs, Go RVing has also launched a newsletter that instantly welcomes all new RVers as soon as they sign up on the website and introduces them to the first-timers tool kit and provides guidance on a number of topics including things to consider when buying your first RV, deciding which RV is right for you, RVing 101 maintenance and how-tos, and where to find more information to get started.

Go RVing will also use the newsletter as an additional tool to feature new stories and custom content created with media partners that will drive back to the Go RVing website. In addition to the amplification we get on from social media, our media plan, and partnerships, we’ll be pushing new content directly to a growing list of consumers who are actively seeking more stories and articles from Go RVing.

The first Go RVing quarterly newsletter launched on June 15 and saw a 43% open rate compared to the industry average which is around 20%. As more information is gathered about the consumption of content in these newsletters, the team will use the learnings around the most popular and engaging pieces as a guide to inform future content strategies.